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Lately I have been sharing a lot of my favorite coffee recipes with my instagram audience via the stories feature. Every time I feature one of my healthy little mugs of goodness, I get asked for all the details! My coffee usually has about 10 different things in it, so I thought I would finally write a blog sharing all of my favorite stuff to pack into a coffee to maximize benefits and health over your morning brew! All of these delicious items can also be added to smoothies, tea or hot cocoa!

I will introduce to you my go-to products in no particular order. Each day I mix & match them differently, but I assure you they all taste great together and separate! I will also add that the type of coffee I use varies. Sometimes I use a mushroom coffee and sometimes I use a local blend of beans!

When I am using mushroom coffee, I go for the Four Sigmatic Coffee. This has conveniently just launched in major stores like Walmart so I no longer have to order online to get my hands on these babies!

I use two methods for brewing my coffee depending on what I am feeling. I have both a french press and a NINJA coffee maker. I love my NINJA so much. It brews full pots to just 4 ounces and has a special feature for iced coffee. It also does not take any of those dreadful k-cup or pod style methods that are so inhumane for the environment. There is no reason coffee should be so unsustainable to make in the morning!

Okay now that I have gotten some of the details out of the way, lets talk about what I add to the brew to make it energy boosting and all around good for you! Here is a list of my go-to items to add to my coffee, tea or elixers! Should you want to check any of them out you can just click on them!

Maju Mental Mushrooms

Maju Ashwagandha

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blend


Sun Potion Yin Power

Sun Potion Chlorella

Sun Potion Prash

Raw Honey

Cinnamon, nutmeg and other various spices

And for creamer, I change it up quite a bit. I do like my coffee on the sweeter and creamier side. This does make it less healthy, but a pleasure is a pleasure! I love to use coconut milk creamers with all natural ingredients or a splash of almond milk and honey!

For those who have been waiting on me to write a list of ingredients, here are a few! I know I am probably missing some and will update the blog as I go! If you love something in you coffee thats not listed, do let me know in the comments!

If your new to me and enjoy this content, follow my instagram fore more and subscribe to my website! I will start blogging more often now that my website is updated :)

With love,


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